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Weather and Trip Preparedness

Useful Knowledge to prepare for your trip on the Reel Magic

Clothing and Gear

  • Warm clothing, layered

  • Ice chest with ice (preferred) for your fillets (leave in your vehicle until after the trip)

  • Seasick meds (suggest taking a half dose the night before and a full dose hour before boarding) We like Meclizine non-drowsy but your choice  

  • Camera 

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunblock (we have it on the boat too)

  • Food and drinks (we prefer small soft packs, easier to stow)

Fishing License(s)

A Fishing license is required for all passengers 16 and over. Suggest you buy a license the day before the trip in case of weather cancellation.  You only need a one day license.  No special stamps required. Purchase now by clicking the link below.


Here you can see the weather, including the wind prior to your trip.  We have highlighted 3 of our favorite weather stations.

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